The Long View

Vicki Tan
15 min readOct 26, 2023


A metaphysical design framework to help us design better possible past/present/futures that create the human experience we want, for all time.

Hello everyone! I’m Vicki. I’ve been a product designer at companies like Spotify, Headspace, Lyft, and Google. Currently, I’m taking a hiatus from product design to work on a long-time personal project: an illustrated book to help people make better decisions. It’s framed around all the big and little questions we ask and find ourselves answering throughout our lives, from deciding where to live, where to work, and what is our greater purpose, but also the everyday stuff like what’s for din, and how can I be more present or feel less anxious.

Behavioral science is a passion of mine: I love thinking about what shapes our behavior and why we make the decisions we do. And as a designer that has worked most recently in tech, I often think about this for the products we build:

  • How do we navigate decision-making processes more effectively?
  • What guides our initial choices in determining what to build?
  • What do we invest our time and resources in?
  • How do we decide what to improve or get rid of?

I find that these decisions are shaped by the metrics and goals established by leadership, which are driven by the users who influence those metrics. Interestingly, these very users (us!) might not be fully aware of their role in shaping these product decisions, which, in turn, have a significant impact on their (our) lives.

  • Do these decisions align with our goals and what is ultimately in our best interest?
  • What are the the outcomes and ripple effects of these decisions? Are the they serving us in the bigger picture?
  • In what ways is technology influencing our behavior, and what broader impact does it have on the human experience as a whole?



Vicki Tan

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